Vascular access

The intracavitary ECG is an essential tool for venous access procedures and proper catheter placement. Our ECG devices, embedded with state-of-the-art features, are fully integrable with our ultrasound technology, thereby enhancing diagnostic capabilities.


From ultrasound to ECG in one click, for a safe procedure in vascular access.

Vascular accesses represent interventional procedures that utilize ultrasound as a guiding tool.
Ultrasound is employed to identify and secure an optimal access point for the needle and catheter in blood vessels and confirm their proper progression. During these procedures, intracavitary ECG plays a crucial role, providing indispensable data for the correct positioning of the catheter.

Small & lightweight

Water proof

Integrable with ultrasound guidance

High resolution ECG

Excellent wireless connection

Compatible with smartphones, tablets & PCs

Wireless ECG Recorders

Model NR-1207-E

With advanced wireless configuration and compatibility with PCs, tablets and smartphones, this device offers ECG solutions up to 12 leads. The device is versatile, integrates seamlessly with HIS/EHR and is small, lightweight and water-resistant.

  • Rest and Stress ECG
  • MS Windows for Stress ECG
  • iOS, Android & Windows for Rest ECG

*Stress software is sold separately

Mobile ECG App

iOS, Android and MS Windows Compatible

Automatic interpretation

Advanced analysis tools

Physician remarks and signature

Comprehensive display and automatic print during the test

Transmits ECG results in real time

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